Shristi Singh

ID #: MH0102-JP

15 yrs | Girl | Mercy Home

Birthday: July 9, 2005

Waiting for: 314 days

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$100.00 / month

you can give this child hope, dignity, and a future.

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About Shristi Singh

Shristi comes from a small town in Central India where she lived with her mother, one brother and one sister. Sadly, her father is deceased and her mother is illiterate and is unable to provide proper education for her children. She is able to get some work as a dishwasher and sweeper but that is not enough to pay for educational expenses for her three children. At this time, we were able to take only the eldest daughter into the Mercy Home, but we may take her sister at a later time.

Shristi is very excited to be a part of the Mercy Home family! Shristi is studying hard and wants to become a nurse one day. She enjoys reading and playing board games. Her favorite food is chicken, mutton and vegetables.

Thank you for helping provide Hope, Dignity and a Future to Shristi!

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