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Mid India Child is the child sponsorship division of Mid India Christian Mission, serving children through four ministries:
Mercy Home, Asha Project, Oasis of Love, & College Scholarship.

Every Child Deserves Hope, Dignity, and a Future…

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Mercy Home

The Mercy Home provides a full-time safe home for young girls and boys rescued out of difficult and dangerous situations. Your sponsorship of $100 per month provides your child with a Christian foundation, quality education, school supplies and uniforms, nutritious meals, medical care, counseling, and practical life skills. Through your sponsorship, your child’s life will be forever changed.

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Asha Project

Asha is the Hindi word for “hope.” The mission of the Asha Project is to bring hope, dignity, and a future to children living in impoverished villages.
Your sponsorship of $35 per month provides your child with quality education six days per week, school supplies, books, uniforms, lunch, health care, winter clothes, and Christ-centered teaching.

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Oasis of Love

In India, disabled children are often looked down on and are seen as a curse by society and their family. We believe they are a blessing and can contribute to their community.
Your sponsorship of $50 per month provides your child with education six days per week, transportation to and from school, school supplies and uniforms, physical therapy and medical care, lunch, life skills and trade training, all in a safe, loving and Christ-centered environment.

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College Scholarship

College Scholarships provide continued education for the children of Mid India Child. Many of our children dream of becoming a nurse, an engineer, or a teacher, now with your monthly scholarship their dream can come true. Receiving a college education equips them with the tools and the opportunity needed to return to their home villages and make an impact. Your sponsorship includes their college tuition, books, rooms and board, uniforms, and medical care.

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1704, 2019

Breaking the Chains of Indian Poverty and Securing Their Futures

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Child Sponsorship Success at Countryside Christian Church

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  • Mercy Home College Graduates

Congratulate Our First Mercy Home-Sponsored College Graduates!

Three years ago, a group of our Mercy Home sponsors heard that their girls had graduated high school and, as a result, were headed back to their home villages. Our sponsors knew that these girls dreamed of becoming nurses, teachers, and engineers - and that they'd need additional education to

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