College Scholarship

Continued compassion to provide a future for children in Mid India

College Scholarships provide continued education for the children of Mid India Child. Many of our children dream of becoming a nurse, an engineer, or a teacher, now with your monthly scholarship their dream can come true. Receiving a college education equips them with the tools and the opportunity needed to return to their home villages and make an impact. Your sponsorship includes their college tuition, rooms and board, books, uniforms, and medical care.

Your sponsorship provides:

  • College Tuition

  • Books

  • Room and board

  • Food and Water

  • Clothes

  • Medical Expenses

Find a Child

Sanya Singh

18 yrs | Girl | Waiting: 133 days

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Rashmi Lall Ahirwar

19 yrs | Girl | Waiting: 292 days

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Poonam Singh

18 yrs | Girl | Waiting: 54 days

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