The Asha Project

 Asha is the Hindi word for hope.

Thank you to our Asha sponsors –

You are giving the “least of these”

an opportunity for hope, dignity,

and a future through education!


Most village children in India do not have the opportunity to attend school. Uniforms and supplies are costly, leaving families unable to pay for an education. For most children, going to school is only a dream. The Asha Project changes this – schools are brought to some of the poorest villages and children are given opportunities they never thought would be possible!



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Give Mercy Campaign

The Mercy Home strives to provide a safe home for girls who are orphaned, abandoned or living in dangerous and difficult situations. The Mercy Home has been a shining beacon of hope to girls in India since they opened their doors in 2005.

In 2015, our ministry was able to expand and open a second Mercy Home. This created opportunities for 100 more girls in India to not only find a safe place to call home, but to also receive an education and learn about the love of Christ. The girls who live at the Mercy Home locations are given opportunities that they may otherwise not receive. For the first time, a college education can become reality. Girls are able to live out their dreams of becoming nurses and teachers. However, this second Mercy Home is already filling quickly. There is still a great need for more safe havens, like the Mercy Home, all throughout India. As a result, the Give Mercy Campaign became a reality.

The goal of the Give Mercy Campaign is to expand this ministry by building multiple Mercy Homes in cities across India as God allows. As of recently, God has opened the door for us to build a NEW Mercy Home in Central India! However we cannot do this without you, our generous sponsors.

Thanks to you, our sponsors, the Mercy Home girls are given school uniforms and supplies that help them to succeed in school!

Thanks to you, our sponsors, the Mercy Home girls are given

uniforms and supplies that help them to succeed in school!

The cost of the Mercy Home is approximately $300,000. Building has started, but we need the final $150,000 to complete this project. No donation is too small, and will go directly toward helping support building costs. Would you Give Mercy today? To learn more and make a donation, visit .



Construction on the new Mercy Home in

Central India is underway, but we need YOUR help!



Safe Place For Special Children

In central India, Mid India Child is a bright light amid hardship for physically and mentally challenged children. Children with special needs are often looked down upon and seen as a curse in India. Mid India Child wants to change that, and show these children that they are a blessing and can contribute to society.

The Oasis of Love is a day school for students with physical and mental special needs that is open 6 days each week. Every day, children pour in and spend the day singing, dancing, exercising, and trade training. Students are taught different trades that allow them to work in society. This changes how society and family views them – instead of a curse, they become a blessing! The safe environment allows children to learn without being stigmatized, and as a result these children flourish. While many show up shy and intimidated, they quickly learn how adored they are by their teachers. The Oasis of Love lives up to its name – a safe place filled with Love!


Children at the Oasis of Love look forward to music time! They love being able to play instruments and dance with classmates!



This student has learned how to make jewelry out of paper beads. By learning this trade, his family now sees him as a blessing to the family and can contribute to society!



Jewelry made by students at the Oasis of Love

The Oasis of Love could not exist without generous sponsors. Your sponsorship of $50 per month provides your child with education, trade training, physical therapy and medical support. Your sponsorship could mean a life changing opportunity for a child. Once seen as a curse, they are now shown the love of Christ like never before. Thanks to our sponsors, these children are given hope, dignity, and a future! To sponsor a child at Oasis of Love, click here!

Kids Helping Kids

With Summer quickly approaching, has your church considered raising money for Mid India Child through your VBS program? Children love the opportunity to help other children around the world, and take pride in knowing they are being the hands and feet of Jesus! No matter how big or small the church, Mid India Child would love to come alongside your church in an effort to better the lives of children in India!

Where does your money go? Mid India Child will use funds raised through VBS to directly impact the children of India. The donation could be used to provide shoes for the Mercy Home girls, backpacks and school supplies for the Asha children, or uniforms for the Oasis of Love students. There is such a need in India that any amount fund raised would be a huge blessing to the children of Mid India Child!

The best part about fundraising through VBS? Kids helping kids! Children in the U.S. of all ages are able to work for a common goal of helping children in India. Many children are heartbroken when they hear of the living conditions and lack of school supplies our children in India have, and immediately want to step up to the plate to help. Fundraising through VBS is a great way to show children that every person, no matter how big or small, can make an eternal difference in God’s Kingdom! For more information on how your church can get involved, email


  VBS Volunteers (including Thomas and Shiny Corrao!) get slimed after VBS students raised money for Mid India Child!



Letter Writing: Easy as 1,2,3!


Writing letters is a crucial way to build a relationship with your sponsored child, but it can also be one of the most challenging. You don’t know what to say, and you don’t know when you’ll get a response. With the next letter deadline quickly approaching, here are some easy steps and ideas to make your letter writing experience easy as 1,2,3!

  1. What do I talk about? Your sponsored child loves to learn about YOU!
    • Things to INCLUDE in your letter:
      • information about your family
      • holidays – what and why do you celebrate?
      • your work / hobbies
      • favorite Bible verses
    • Things to AVOID writing about:
      • material possessions
      • money
      • any major cultural differences (example: People in India do not typically eat beef. Talking about this may make them uncomfortable)
  2. What do I ask? Your sponsored child also enjoys getting to tell you a little about their personal life!
    • Ask about:
      • Your child’s family or village
      • favorite subjects
      • holidays
      • hobbies or favorite games
    • Things to AVOID asking:
      • ‘How can we help you more?’
      • monetary / material questions
  3. What can I send? Did you know that you can send more than just a letter? Here’s a list of small gifts your sponsored child would love!
    • Items to send:
      • modest photos of your family
      • greeting cards
      • stickers
      • small flat items
      • post cards of your hometown
    • Items to AVOID sending:
      • money
      • food
      • inappropriate pictures (People in India are extremely modest. Please no pictures at the beach in swim suits or other immodest clothing!)


Please note that all correspondence to and from your child will go through a screening process by the Mid India Child office. This is for your safety and the safety of your sponsored child.

Letters will be delivered to your child twice a year. Please note that it takes approximately two to three months for your letter to reach your sponsored child and the same for the letter from the child to you.

Deadline for submitting correspondence Summer 2016 – June 15th.

Thank you for taking the time to write to your sponsored child! Your letters provide endless smiles for the children of Mid India Child!!

A Lighthouse In Darkness

As we look forward into 2016, we are excited to announce that the new Mercy Home is reaching completion! At this time, the Mid India Child staff is already identifying girls who are at risk in their home village. These girls are living in some of the most dangerous and dire living situations, but are now being given a safe place to live and a chance for a new life through the Mercy Home. 60 more girls will reside in the new Mercy Home come May. Once these girls move in, they will receive a Christian foundation, education, counseling, and practical life skills.

Mercy Home

An updated photo of the Mercy Home progress. There are only a couple short months left before girls start to fill these rooms!

However, Mid India Child is quickly realizing that there are more girls that need safe refuge than we have room for. At this time, we are also happy to share that we have received a donation to begin the first phase of another new Mercy Home in Central India! Ground breaking is expected to take place this Spring, and we hope girls will be able to move in May of 2017!

As we prepare for the expansion, would you prayerfully consider sponsoring a new Mercy Home girl or donating toward phase two of the Central India Mercy Home? Watch for our upcoming campaign titled “Give Mercy” to help finish this second Mercy Home! Because of you, young girls in India are given the chance for a new life full of hope and dignity. Thank you for continuing to support Mid India Child!

A Heart For Global Missions

Story written by Sean Tambagahan, shared with permission.


As representatives of The Word Community Church, Pastor J.R. Colman and I had the amazing privilege of visiting India with Mid India Christian Mission.  Our goal was to see the work that God was doing in India through Mid India, and to see if there was a potential partnership with our church.  Our Time with Mid India Christian Mission was definitely an eye opening and life changing experience.


Years ago, before I was a Christian, I visited India while on a business trip.  That was the first time I was awakened to the reality of desperate poverty that most Americans can never relate to.  Even though at that time I could see the obvious physical and sociological needs, it wasn’t until I went back to India with Mid India that I was able to see with my own eyes India’s real spiritual needs.

Prior to our trip, God laid on my heart a burden for global missions.  The Church’s Mission, according to the Bible, is really simple – to make disciples of all nations.  Jesus said “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.”  That hasn’t happened yet, so our primary focus as a church ought to be to make sure the gospel is preached where the gospel is not known.  The statistics blew my mind.  There are just over 7 billion people in the world, 1.2 billion of which are in India and 88% of Indians are unreached!  That alone, for us at The Word Community Church, was all we needed to hear to refocus our missions direction towards India.

When we arrived in India, we were warmly welcomed by the Mid India team.  We were extremely impressed with the hospitality and attention to detail that Mid India showed during our entire visit.  Our trip was jam-packed from start to finish.  It had to be this way if we wanted to even see just a fraction of the work that God has allowed Mid India to do.  I couldn’t believe how much influence this ministry has been able to gain in all facets of society, especially in a state that has anti-conversion laws.  From education, to social justice, to trade training, to empowering, to technology and media, to church planting… Mid India has covered massive ground and claimed a substantial amount of territory for the Kingdom of God.  But there is still lots of work to do.  My favorite thing about Mid India is that they acknowledge the primary purpose of everything they do is expanding God’s Kingdom through the Gospel.

After our trip we strategized with Mid India to come up with a plan of how our church can be actively involved in what God is doing through this ministry.  We have since decided to adopt a village by offering hope and a future to under-privileged youth through education.  Our hope and prayer is that we would eventually see a church planted in the village.  Mid India is currently working with our church to create a sustainable global missions strategy which would allow our congregation to be involved with all God is doing in India for years to come.  We are excited to partner with Mid India Christian Mission, and looking forward to all God allows us to do together!


Click here to see a short video of Sean’s time in India with Mid India Christian Mission.

Life On $1 A Day

The term ‘working mother’ is taken to a whole new level for women in India. In villages across the country, women work long, laborious hours. Picking rice is one of the many labor intensive jobs that women take part in, in addition to all of the other various responsibilities they are expected to take on in order to care for their families. While Americans have the luxury of access to clean drinking water almost instantly, women in India often walk miles for water that is safe for their families to drink. Women are also expected to gather wood and prepare meals over an open flame, hand wash clothes, and hang them on bushes to dry. For village women in India, the days are long and the pay is minimal. If you’re fortunate, you live off of $1 per day. With little access to education and very few basic rights, women hardly ever earn the opportunity to leave the village and are often forced to live a life of poverty.


This is the harsh reality many women face, but sponsors like you are changing their lives for the better. For information on how to positively impact the life of village families in India, visit