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  • Mid India Christian Mission Education Scholarship
9 03, 2020

Mid India Child Sponsorship FAQ


At our child sponsorship events, we often receive the same questions from potential sponsors. To answer those questions up front, we put together this Mid India child sponsorship FAQ. If you’re considering sponsoring a child,

Mid India Child Sponsorship FAQ2020-03-09T15:34:48-07:00
24 02, 2020

How You Can Send an Indian Child to College


What if you had the power to equip rural Indian villages with the nurses, doctors, engineers, and teachers they so desperately need? When you partner with Mid India Child, you’re able to provide Indian

How You Can Send an Indian Child to College2020-02-24T09:45:01-08:00
21 01, 2020

How to Host a Christian Child Sponsorship Event


Over the last year, we’ve hosted a number of incredibly successful child sponsorship weekend events. In partnership with churches and Christian leaders throughout the United States, we’ve seen congregations sponsor hundreds of Mid India children –

How to Host a Christian Child Sponsorship Event2020-01-21T10:55:33-08:00
  • Hope Institute Nurse Assistant College India
6 01, 2020

Our Nursing Assistant College Program Is Approved!


In previous updates, we let you know that our HOPE Institute (our college to train Nurses' Assistants) was completed and ready to admit students last May. But then, we faced red tape from

Our Nursing Assistant College Program Is Approved!2020-01-07T08:51:58-08:00
  • Differences Between Child Sponsorship Organizations
16 12, 2019

What to Look for in a Child Sponsorship Organization


If you’ve been researching child sponsorship organizations, you know that you have hundreds of options to choose from. So many charities are seeking your contribution – and often, it can be tough to choose between them. However, there are some

What to Look for in a Child Sponsorship Organization2019-12-16T14:30:39-08:00
20 11, 2019

The Christian Education Our Child Sponsorships Provide


There are so many Indian children who do not have the means to receive a quality education, or any education at all. Whether they are orphans, outcasts, or simply less fortunate than their peers,

The Christian Education Our Child Sponsorships Provide2019-11-21T17:14:34-08:00
  • Mid India 50th Anniversary Celebration 2019 (1)
16 10, 2019

A Month of Milestones


This month, Mid India Christian Mission celebrated several milestones! From our first Youth Camp to our organization’s 50th anniversary, we’ve been praising God for His blessings and participation in our mission all month long.

A Month of Milestones2019-10-16T12:01:50-07:00
  • Mid India CrossCity Child Sponsorship Weekend
2 10, 2019