Pratap Singh

ID #: MB0019-DM

17 yrs | Boy | Mercy Home

Birthday: June 11, 2003

Waiting for: 841 days

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About Pratap Singh

Pratap comes from a first-generation Christian family. Despite their lack of formal discipleship, Pratap's parents are dedicated and sincere followers of Christ. Sadly, their illiteracy keeps them from reading the Bible for themselves, and they are forced to rely on verbally communicated Bible stories that have been passed on to them by traveling preachers. Poverty is the rule of life in their remote jungle village, and Pratap's family live in a small home without electricity or running water. Desiring a better future for their children, Pratap's family enrolled him and his three siblings in a government-run school 7 kilometers from their home. However, due to deep corruption and lack of supervision in the Indian school system, many days the school teacher did not show up to teach, leaving the students without instruction.

Pratap's parents prayed for a better opportunity for their son, and God answered their prayers through the Mercy Home. Now living at the Mercy Home, Pratap attends a quality school. Inspired by his new situation, he desires to attend teaching college in the future so he can help kids from poor villages like his. In his spare time, he enjoys playing cricket with his new friends. Some of his favorite Indian foods are chicken and goat curry.

Thank you for providing Hope, Dignity, and a Future to Pratap!

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