Recently, we purchased a tractor for the farming community of Bataighar. The farmers there will share the tractor among themselves, rotating its use among their fields in turn.

Mid India Farming Tractor Bataighar

Previously, these farmers developed their land using only beasts of burden and their own two hands. This meant several acres of fertile land would lay fallow each growing season, simply because the farmers of Bataighar didn’t have access to the technology they needed – and that many of us take for granted.

Because they have not had access to a tractor and other “modern” farming technologies, the farmers of Bataighar have never moved beyond subsistence farming. This one tractor, shared among their community, will radically improve their production, increase their wealth, and allow them to sell their food in other areas of India.

We’d like to invite you to join us in praising God, who helped us find a simple solution to such a complex and long-standing problem!