God is using ministers like Pastor V. to reach the unreached.

The mission of MICM is to “Proclaim Jesus Christ Throughout India and Beyond”, which is why evangelism is at the core of everything we do. Unfortunately, though, evangelism in Central India is extremely difficult. With deep rooted traditions in the Hindu religion, anti-conversion laws have been put in place resulting in the imprisonment of those found guilty of converting Hindus to any other religion. But in the midst of opposition, God is still working on the hearts of the Indian people and bringing salvation to the unreached through faithful ministers like Pastor V.

Pastor V. lives and serves in Central India, pastoring a congregation of around 150 people, as well as planting churches in other surrounding villages and running a MICM Village Learning Center with 40 children. His work has lead to 22 church plants resulting in 405 baptisms (and counting).

We praise God for the work He has done through Pastor V.’s ministry! However, one of the biggest challenges he faces is that many people hear and believe the Gospel, but will not publicly commit to Christ and renounce their idols because they’re afraid of the shame and ostracizing they’ll face from their communities and families.

Please pray:

  • That Pastor V. (and the other ministers in MICM) will take courage, and faithfully proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ despite opposition
  • For the continuance of the ministry, and the spread of the Gospel throughout Central India
  • That hearts would be transformed, and the Indian people would proclaim their faith in Christ with boldness

**For the safety of the individuals involved as well as the security of the ministry, names and/or locations have been altered or left out.