April 2018

February 2018

How to start a non-profit Facebook fundraiser


How to start a non-profit Facebook fundraiser A visual 10 step guide that walks you through the process of creating a fundraiser on facebook, sharing it with your friends, and make an eternal impact

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January 2018

Stories of Hope – Village Learning Centers


Stories of Hope – Village Learning Centers Public education is one thing many people in the USA take for granted. Many of our children see school as something they have to do. In

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The Gospel Spreads, Despite Opposition


God is using ministers like Pastor V. to reach the unreached. The mission of MICM is to “Proclaim Jesus Christ Throughout India and Beyond”, which is why evangelism is at the core of

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December 2017

Solar Kits in Villages


MICM Multimedia Studios is the brainchild of David Lall (President of Mid India Christian Mission). Utilizing his background in multimedia as well as developing strategic partnerships with organizations like Good News Productions,

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November 2017

“Does My Letter Really Matter?”


Most people don’t realize the huge impact a small gesture like writing a simple letter can make. If you can picture a classroom full of kids anxiously lined up, hoping to hear their

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March 2017

The Asha Project


 Asha is the Hindi word for hope. Thank you to our Asha sponsors - You are giving the "least of these" an opportunity for hope, dignity, and a future through education! Most village children in

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November 2016

Give Mercy Campaign


The Mercy Home strives to provide a safe home for girls who are orphaned, abandoned or living in dangerous and difficult situations. The Mercy Home has been a shining beacon of hope to girls in India

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July 2016

Safe Place For Special Children


In central India, Mid India Child is a bright light amid hardship for physically and mentally challenged children. Children with special needs are often looked down upon and seen as a curse in India. Mid

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