July 2016

Safe Place For Special Children


In central India, Mid India Child is a bright light amid hardship for physically and mentally challenged children. Children with special needs are often looked down upon and seen as a curse in India. Mid

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May 2016

Kids Helping Kids


With Summer quickly approaching, has your church considered raising money for Mid India Child through your VBS program? Children love the opportunity to help other children around the world, and take pride in knowing they

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April 2016

Letter Writing: Easy as 1,2,3!


Writing letters is a crucial way to build a relationship with your sponsored child, but it can also be one of the most challenging. You don't know what to say, and you don't know when

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March 2016

A Lighthouse In Darkness


As we look forward into 2016, we are excited to announce that the new Mercy Home is reaching completion! At this time, the Mid India Child staff is already identifying girls who are at risk

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November 2015

A Heart For Global Missions


Story written by Sean Tambagahan, shared with permission.   As representatives of The Word Community Church, Pastor J.R. Colman and I had the amazing privilege of visiting India with Mid India Christian Mission.  Our goal

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October 2015

Life On $1 A Day


The term ‘working mother’ is taken to a whole new level for women in India. In villages across the country, women work long, laborious hours. Picking rice is one of the many labor intensive jobs

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September 2015

A Place To Call Home


As construction on the new Mercy Home progresses, Mid India Child welcomes 16 new girls! These girls have faced heartache at every turn but have now been given the opportunity for a fresh start. Away

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August 2015

Back To School


When August rolls around in America, stores start filling with aisles of school supplies and back to school shopping is at the top of to-do lists. Pencils, notebooks, and new shoes are just a few

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July 2015

The Dream of Education


In India, education is a privilege given only to the elite few. Unlike the United States, schools in India come with a price tag that is unimaginable to most. Uniforms, text books, and supplies must

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June 2015

A Mercy Home Update


In Summer 2014, Mid India Christian Mission launched the Matching Gifts Campaign with the hopes of raising enough money to build a larger facility for the girls of the Mercy Home. The Mercy Home, which

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