Stories of Hope – Village Learning Centers

Public education is one thing many people in the USA take for granted. Many of our children see school as something they have to do. In India education means hope and a future; and unfortunately, access to quality education is not so easy to find. For those living below the poverty line (approximately 1.21 billion people in India alone), it’s an impossibility – or at least it was.

Because of the generosity of churches and individuals, God has opened doors for quality education to be given to some of the poorest villages in India through The Asha Project (one of the Child Sponsorship opportunities in Mid India Child). As of January 2018 the Asha Project has built Village Learning Centers in 18 villages providing more than 908 children with quality education, healthcare and Christ-centered teaching.

More than that, the love of Christ displayed through the Asha Project has opened doors for the gospel to flourish. Village Learning Centers have acted as a bridge for the gospel to reach the otherwise unreached, resulting in 10 church plants and hundreds baptisms.

How is a Village Learning Center Started?

Our ministers identify areas or villages they believe are in most need of a Village Learning Center (VLC). Through connections and building relationships with area leaders, MICM purchases (or leases) land on which a VLC can be built. While the VLC is being built, MICM pastors meet with children and their families, establishing strong relationships. Also during this time, highly qualified teachers are selected and hired to be full-time educators.

By the time the VLC is built, children have already been provided with all their school supplies and materials as well as health assessments. Every child and family knows that this is all possible only through the support of their sponsor. Families and area leaders are always extremely welcoming and grateful for the opportunity, and strong relationships are developed between the villages and MICM, as well as the children and their sponsors.

For more information, or to sponsor a child through the Asha Project, visit Mid India Child.

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