Sonali Masih

ID #: MH0131-JP

16 yrs | Girl | Mercy Home

Birthday: April 3, 2005

Waiting for: 119 days

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you can give this child hope, dignity, and a future.

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About Sonali Masih

Sonali came to Mercy Home from a small village in Central India. Sonali's parents are dedicated Christians and active members of their local village congregation. They work as field laborers and hardly make enough money to survive. The family lives in a small mud-plastered house. The village where her family lives has grown increasingly unsafe for the Christ-followers. Radical Hindu groups are gaining control in the area, persecuting believers by burning down their homes and causing physical harm.

Seeking safety for their daughter, Sonali's parents reached out to the Mercy Home. Now living at the Mercy Home, Sonali is protected from looming persecution. Each Sunday, she can safely worship at church with many other believers. She also has the opportunity to further her academic intelligence by attending a quality school. In the future, she would like to attend nursing college so she can use medical missions to spread the Gospel to her countrymen. In her spare time, Sonali enjoys reading, playing Kho-kho (an Indian game), and dancing with her new friends.

Thank you for providing Hope, Dignity, and a Future to Solani!

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