Savita Aadiwasi

ID #: MH1036-DM

16 yrs | Girl | Mercy Home

Birthday: May 14, 2005

Waiting for: 738 days

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you can give this child hope, dignity, and a future.

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About Savita Aadiwasi

Savita grew up in a poor tribal village in a remote location deep in the jungle, with no access to electricity or running water. The family has built their hut using the wood, stone, and mud from the jungle grounds. Savita's parents used to live off the jungle produce and hunting, but recent government regulations prohibit that, forcing them to make their living as unskilled laborers. They long to provide their six children with an education, but the nearest school is about five kilometers away and accessible only by dangerous jungle paths. The lack of economic opportunity and lack of education keep Savita's family trapped in the cycle of poverty.

Fortunately, this does not need to be the end of Savita's story. Along with four of her siblings, Samita, Saresh, Sahish, and Ashish, Savita has the opportunity to live in the Mercy Home. Through the loving support of amazing caretakers and teachers, Savita is growing in academic and spiritual maturity. Savita is a serious yet dedicated girl, looking out for the needs of her younger sister, Samita, while they are away from home. Inspired by her new circumstances, she aspires to become a nurse. Savita enjoys playing soccer and Tipu with her new friends and eating chicken and mutton. Her favorite color is blue.

Thank you for helping provide Hope, Dignity and a Future to Savita!

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