Alisha Bhil

ID #: MB0007-DM

8 yrs | Boy | Mercy Home

Birthday: October 4, 2012

Waiting for: 300 days

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$100.00 / month

you can give this child hope, dignity, and a future.

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About Alisha Bhil

Alisha comes from a poor but dedicated Christian family. Their village is located in an economically and socially isolated location deep in the jungle. Working as vegetable farmers on a small plot of land, Alisha's parents can provide only a meager income for their family of seven. The area's only school is a 5-mile walk from the village, making it challenging for Alisha and his siblings to attend regularly. Despite their lamentable circumstances, Alisha's parents prayed that God, in His faithfulness and goodness, would provide help for their family.

And God is answering that prayer, through the provision of the Mercy Home. Alisha and his older brother, Ashish, have the opportunity to grow in their academic knowledge and their spiritual relationship. Although he is young, Alisha is already dreaming about his future, aspiring to be a doctor or a preacher when he is older. His favorite colors are red and white, two of the colors of the Indian flag. In his spare time, Alisha enjoys reading, singing, playing cricket, and eating lots of meat, something that he could not do back at home very often.

Thank you for helping provide Hope, Dignity, and a Future to Alisha!

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