Mid India Television Media Production

Our Media Production Studio has always been one of our passion projects, especially under David Lall’s leadership. We love the way media can enrich the amazing story of the gospel and present it to millions of people at once, all around the world!

Lately, our studio has been working diligently on a series that began airing last week on a major network in India owned by Sony. The network is secular, with huge reach across the country. This 13-part series shows a variety of family life scenarios and emphasizes the value of a moral and compassionate approach to raising your family and interacting with your spouse. At the end of each episode, Sheela gives a sermonette explaining that these precepts originate from the Bible. She shows how the Bible teaches us to live together in love and dignity, giving value to each person.

Once the series finishes airing on Sony, it is going to be picked up by a Christian network and also aired there. We are so proud of our production team for their hard work on this program, and we are praising God that we have been given such a huge platform to preach the truth.