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Mid India Christian Mission has always had three pillars: Evangelism, Education, and Compassion. The reason education is central to our mission is that it allows us to break the chains of poverty.

Breaking the Caste System

The caste system in India is a powerful tool of oppression. Those in the higher castes have access to wealth and education that allows them to perpetuate the oppression of those beneath them. It breaks our hearts that millions of children are born into a situation that seems inescapable.

But it doesn’t have to remain this way.

The Power of Education

Education allows us to interrupt that pattern. Whether it be with our Village Learning Centers through the Asha Program, whether it be through our Vocational College, whether it be through our college scholarship program, or through our new HOPE Training Center for nurse assistants, we are, one life at a time, breaking the shackles of poverty that have been around the necks of the Indian people for millennia.

Maybe it’s a lofty goal, but with God everything is possible.

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The Business College

Our latest venture in this area is our Business College. We have settled on this program because it will a long-standing impact. What’s more, in three years we will be able to add a Master’s degree in business. This will be the first post-graduate program Mid India will add to its educational programs! It’s an attractive degree that will enable village children, who would otherwise face arranged marriages at a young age and the same impoverished life of sustenance farming that every generation before them had, to have a transformed future.

Will you be a part of that transformation?

Our Need

The first step in this project is building the facility. This is a $1 million-dollar project. So far, you have pledged $700,000! We continue to be blown away by the phenomenal generosity of our donors – YOU! But there’s still $300,000 to go, and the college depends upon having a finished building.

Yes, that number sounds daunting, but we know that God will continue to provide!

Multiply Your Impact!

Perhaps it’s a side-note, but it’s one we are very excited about. After the college is running, it will be one of the few arms of the mission that will actually be able to generate revenue (through tuition). God can then double and triple the impact of your dollars. Not only will you be able to transform lives through this program, but we will then be able to take the revenue from the business college and reinvest in our other programs, whether it be saving more widows and children or planting more churches!

We can envision God’s multiplicative effect of blessing here. Throughout scripture, God has painted a picture of His Kingdom expanding exponentially, whether it be through Abraham whose offspring were to number the sand on the shore and the stars in the sky in order to be a blessing to others, or whether it be through Jesus’s vision of a tiny mustard seed growing into an enormous mustard tree. We can fulfill that today with an initiative that pays out dividends for generations to come.

Will you invest in the ever-growing, eternal Kingdom of God?

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