Adriana Mendes didn’t plan to plant a church in India this year. But sometimes, the Lord asks of us when we’re least expecting. 

“During Missions Week at church, I just felt like the Lord was leading me to plant a church in India. And I thought that was the craziest idea,” said Mendes. “But I went home, and I kept thinking about it, and I knew this was something that was important and something that we had to do, and I couldn’t let my insecurities get in the way.” 

The following weekend, Mendes and her girlfriends took a trip to San Diego. In the space of a car ride, Mendes convinced the others that they should throw a fundraiser, with the goal of planting a church and maintaining it for a year.  

“I was just like, yeah, let’s do it. I think it’s doable; we should have a fundraiser,” said Mendes’s friend and fundraising co-planner Shanda. “Once we set the date, we just started splitting up jobs, but the cause sounded great. I was onboard.” 

“It’s really a God thing, honestly,” said Mendes. “Because I told Shanda, I have never, ever planned a fundraiser in my life. But everything just kind of fell into place.” 

Shanda, who had previous fundraising experience, was able to secure both food and a venue for the event, and together, the group of girlfriends solicited raffle items from those in the community. By August, less than two months after having her initial idea, Mendes’s fundraiser was ready.

Tommy Corrao Mid India Pop Up Fundraiser


“It all just came together so easy,” said Mendes. “So I know God definitely had his hands all over this.” 

Mendes and her friends hoped to raise $5,600 for an initial church planting a year’s maintenance. With a great turnout and a spectacular show of generosity from attendees, the fundraiser ended up raising $7,800, exceeding Mendes and her friends’ expectations.  

“It just goes to show,” said Mendes, “when you take a leap of faith, He will provide.” 

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