Mercy Home College GraduatesThree years ago, a group of our Mercy Home sponsors heard that their girls had graduated high school and, as a result, were headed back to their home villages. Our sponsors knew that these girls dreamed of becoming nurses, teachers, and engineers – and that they’d need additional education to do so.

To help these girls achieve their dreams, our sponsors chose to raise funds so that their girls could attend college. And they did! Our first three Mercy Home-sponsored students graduated from college just this week. All three are now fully licensed nurses with plans to pursue careers in medicine. One of them even graduated at the top of her class!

As a result of those initial sponsors’ efforts and our own expansion, EVERY Mercy Home high school graduate now has the chance to attend college. And all of them have taken us up on our offer. Many of these young women are the first people from their village to complete high school, let alone attend college. They’re pursuing degrees as diverse as nursing, forestry, and engineering.

We know God has great plans for these hard-working young women, all of whom will contribute to their communities after graduation! We’re so grateful that He has given us the chance to provide our girls with a higher education, and to help them realize their dreams.