There’s an old adage that rings true: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

Elephants are massive creatures- standing over 11 feet tall and weighing 12,000 lbs. on average. Likely, the only time you have the opportunity to see an elephant is during a visit to your local zoo. Yet, even from a distance, the enormity of the animal is evident.

In past centuries, elephants were a significant source of nourishment for some cultures. If the village hunters were lucky enough to score an elephant, there was only one way to make sure it didn’t go to waste: gather the whole village and have a feast. One person, or even one family, couldn’t eat all the meat on their own; quite literally, it took a village.

You can rest easy: no one is asking you to eat an elephant. But, the principle we can take from this proverb- that big undertakings can only be conquered through small steps- is very relevant.

Our goal, making Mid India Christian Mission 100% self-sustainable, is an elephant-sized ambition. To accomplish this, we need each member of the Mid India family to take a bite out of the elephant. Whether that bite is big or small does not matter, but it will take the participation of the whole village.

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