22 Lives Forever Changed 

Just before the lockdown took place, we were blessed to be able to baptize 22 new believers at our new church plant in Udaipur. It is amazing to watch God grow the church even in the face of opposition. Please pray for these 22 new believers, and let’s praise God for His beautiful plan and His faithfulness to accomplish it!

As we have mentioned before, new brothers and sisters in Christ in India may face intense persecution, from threats, to most commonly, shunning and being disowned by their families. Please pray for their courage and faithfulness. Pray that they might be bolstered up in their faith.

As always, we ask you to be extremely careful with the photos and news we share of baptisms; because conversion is illegal in India, photos like these are enough to get Mid India shut down. Please do not share this information online!

Incredible stories like these are only possible through your support. Did you know that only 1 out of 10 people in India have access to the gospel? More than 1 billion men, women, and children have not heard the gospel; they don’t have access to a Bible, and they are outside of the reach of a local church, pastor, or missionary. By planting new churches, we can reach the unreached, share the gospel, and lead people to commit their life to Jesus Christ.


1,600 Masks

Last week we shared with you via email that the Police Chief asked our widows to help by making masks and caps for Doctors, medical workers of local Government, and private hospitals, whose supply was completely out. As of this week, the widows have made 1,600 masks, 1,000 of which have gone to local hospitals and 600 to local police departments. They are finding such joy in being able to help during this critical time, and the community is abundantly grateful for their skillset and hard work.

Mercy Home for Boys Building Update

The Mercy Home for Boys is progressing beautifully; we are so excited to see this building come together for our boys. Praise God for the incredible team of hardworking individuals making it happen.

As we mentioned last week, the government shut down all public transportation and issued an order against traveling from city to city. Due to this order, the workers that were hired from surrounding villages are now having to live in the unfinished building, as they could not get home.

In the meantime, we will be providing them with meals and taking care of their basic needs, and since they have to stay there during this time, they are continuing to work on the Mercy Home. Most of these workers are from Hindu villages, so our prayer is that they will see Jesus while in quarantine.


  1. Please pray for the hearts of the 22 individuals who gave their lives to Jesus in Udaipur. May they have courage through Christ, and protection over their lives!
  2. Pray safety over our boys and girls who had to go back to their home villages during this lockdown period.
  3. Pray for our workers at the Mercy Home who are unable to go home during this time.
  4. Pray for our medical professionals, first responders, and hospitals in India, who are on the front lines of fighting off this virus.
  5. Please continue to pray for the safety of Christians in India—persecutions have increased.