Ashley Gustafson’s fifth graders understand the reason for the season.

Each Christmas, Ashley donates $1 to Mid India Child for each student in her fifth grade class. She shows pictures and tells her kids about her time in India. Then, she gives each student an ornament that explains how even this $1 donation, made in their names, will make an Indian child’s Christmas brighter.

This year, Ashley was blown away by her students’ response to her donation and story.

“I was met with tear-filled eyes and hands full of change,” said Ashley. “Students chose to give their water bottle money toward a cause they deemed more worthy. A cause that they knew would make a difference.”

It’s always gratifying to see people understand the impact their donation has on Mid India Child – and it’s especially inspiring to see children themselves understand!

If you have a story of understanding or inspiration, feel free to share it here (on our contact form). And from everyone at Mid India, have a truly blessed holiday season.