health aid training institute

Last week we broke ground on Mid India’s new Health Aid Training Institute, the next step in supporting young Indian girls.

The Training Institute will provide young girls with an eighth grade education the opportunity to become nurses’ assistants. All students who attend the Institute will do so on scholarship from Mid India, allowing them to continue their education at no cost and, upon receiving their certification, provide care to others.

As you might already know, Indian girls face a number of obstacles in pursuing and completing their education. Often, their families encourage them to drop out of school and either get married (an arranged marriage) or take whatever jobs are available. We are excited to empower these young women to achieve a higher education, and to train more healthcare professionals who can assist nurses throughout India.

We’ll have more updates on the Health Aid Training Institute as construction continues. Until then, we thank you for your support, which makes initiatives like the Training Institute possible.

God bless,
Mid India Christian Mission