Mid India Child Sponsorship Weekend

If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you likely heard about our April 7 Child Sponsorship event at Countryside Christian Church. We went into the event hoping that Pastor Lito Solorio’s Wichita congregation would be gracious enough to sponsor 50 Mid India children … but as is always the case with these events, we were prepared to accept whatever outcome God gave us.

Well, God gave us a great outcome! We’re happy to say that Countryside’s Child Sponsorship Weekend exceeded our expectations:

44 Children Sponsored During the Event. 44 More Sponsored via Matching Donations. And $10,000 Pledged to Mercy Home for Boys!

The Countryside congregation sponsored 44 children on the day of the event, and we expect a number of additional sponsors to finalize their support during the following weeks. We also had an incredibly generous private donor pledge to match the first 50 sponsorships we received as a result of the event.

Thanks to those gracious acts, we expect to change at least 100 children’s lives as a result of this one Child Sponsorship Weekend! Not bad for a day’s work.

And as if those acts of kindness weren’t testament enough to His power, Countryside Christian Church also pledged a $10,000 donation toward the construction of our Mercy Home for Boys! We’d like to thank Countryside not only for this incredible donation, but also all the time and effort they put into spearheading the Child Sponsorship Weekend. Pastor Solorio and everyone at Countryside put together a fantastic event, one that is going to make a true difference in the lives of over 100 Indian children.

If your congregation would like to put together your own Child Sponsorship Weekend, click here to reach out to us. We can guide you through the process of hosting your own Child Sponsorship event, and help you transform children’s lives in His name.