Bhil Church Plant Mid India

Today, David Lall let us know that he drove over 200 miles of rough, central Indian terrain to visit five house churches. David is working alongside these churches’ leaders – helping them spread the gospel, pray, and support their small congregations.

“It was a difficult drive through rough terrain,” said David. “But when you see how people are hungry for the Gospel, you forget your aches and pains. It was a joy to meet these people.” 

The drive sets your teeth on edge, but the people set your heart on fire. 

David is asking for your prayers. Will you join with us? 

The Importance of Bhil Church Planting

More than 17 million Bhil people live in India, primarily within the states of Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and Rajasthan. These states happen to be three of the areas in which Mid India makes its greatest impact, which makes our outreach among the Bhil especially important.

While these states’ official language is Hindi, many of the people who live within the villages scattered throughout the region actually speak their own tribal tongue – Bhili. The Bhil are predominately Hindu; less than one percent of them are Christian. To learn more about Bhil culture, check out this link.

Your Prayers Can Help

We ask that you’ll pray for both our Bhil church planting team and the overall success of our church planting mission. Specifically, we ask that you petition God:

  • To keep the Bhil’s hearts open and receptive to the Gospel. 
  • To keep our team safe as they travel throughout India.
  • To keep our converts faithful and courageous in the face of potential social persecution and familial rejection.
  • To provide new opportunities for future church plants and home church growth. 
  • To guide us as we seek partnerships in translating the Bible into Bhili.
Bhil Church Plant 3 Mid India

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