Ten months ago, we took the first step toward achieving our 2020 Church Planting Vision by planting a church in Sunderdader. In May, that church celebrated its first Christian wedding!

Mid India Sunderdader Church Wedding

Bihari Gunia of the Bhumia tribe and Shanta Baiga of the Baiga tribe were married in a ceremony that included dinner, dancing, and a whole lot of fun. It’s amazing to see our roots, and our faith, growing strong in these communities, especially when you consider the many interests aligned against India’s new believers.

Perhaps the strongest of those interests is one you might not expect: new believers’ own families. In India, family pride and reputation is of utmost importance. And because families’ religious practices are so intertwined with their daily lives, new Christians face shunning or even threats when they break with their family’s faith.

Yet, when we see God renew a community, and create a new family with His grace and His truth at the center, we praise Him! This wedding in Sunderdader is a sign that our church is healthy, growing, and will make an impact for years to come.