There are so many Indian children who do not have the means to receive a quality education, or any education at all. Whether they are orphans, outcasts, or simply less fortunate than their peers, these children need someone to give them an opportunity, and a framework with which to succeed.

At Mid India Child’s Mercy Home, we provide that framework – a Christian education that guides boys and girls from all walks of Indian life into a fulfilling adulthood.

Christ-centered Education Helps Indian Children Succeed

The alternative to our work is a world in which we watch these children resort to desperate means to earn enough money to survive. Instead, we guide our children toward college, toward high-paying careers, and toward prosperity. 

Earlier this year, we watched three of our Mercy Home girls become the first members of our program to graduate from college, using scholarships donated by Mid India Child sponsors. These girls are now fully-licensed nurses, and they have all begun pursuing careers in medicine. These teachings, and the spiritual teachings of our Lord, are the type of education that our Mercy Home provides – and that you can help support.

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Sponsor a Child, and Show Them the Lord’s Love

If you want to help lift Indian children out of poverty, if you want there to be more teachers, engineers, doctors, and nurses in the world, and if you want to create a world in which Christ shines through – you can support our Mercy Home. You can sponsor a child who so desperately needs not just a Christian education, but someone who is willing to give them a chance. And who is willing to show them what God’s love can do, when set loose in the world. 

Sponsor a Mercy Home Child