Mid India Christian Mission Education Scholarship

At our child sponsorship events, we often receive the same questions from potential sponsors. To answer those questions up front, we put together this Mid India child sponsorship FAQ. If you’re considering sponsoring a child, there’s no better place to start than reading through the questions and answers below.

How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

You can sponsor a child for as little as $35 a month! We have a variety of child sponsorship programs that allow our sponsors to give at various monthly price points, as well as a one-time donation program for those who cannot afford a monthly sponsorship. 

What does my child get from my sponsorship?

Mid India Child’s sponsored children receive a quality education, school supplies, clothing, nutritious meals, medical care, counseling, life skills teachings, and (most importantly) a Christian foundation. In short, your child will receive everything they need to live a healthy, fulfilling, and faith-based life. 

To learn more about some of our specific child sponsorship programs, click the links below: 

How much of my money goes directly to my child?

Mid India Child uses 89% of your sponsorship money to support your child. That money goes directly to programs that provide your child with food, shelter, and a Christ-centered education, with the remaining funds going to promote our communications and ministry in the United States.

What do I get in return for my Mid India Child sponsorship?

In addition to the blessing of helping a child and providing them with hope, dignity, and a future, you’ll receive a package containing: 

  • A child profile card. 
  • A bookmark. 
  • Three wallet photos of your child. 
  • A letter from our Sponsorship Director. 

You’ll also receive two letters from your child each year. You will NOT receive any extraneous materials and items. We put nearly all our sponsors’ money toward providing for their children, because we know they want it that way. 

How else can I support my child?

If you’d like to further assist your child, you can: 

  • Donate an additional $20 on your child’s birthday and at Christmas to provide gifts, which we will purchase based on your child’s needs. 
  • Donate to our Water for Life program, which will provide the villages our children live in with access to clean drinking water. 
  • Make an additional one-time donation to Mid India Child, using the form located at the bottom of this linked page. 

What makes a Christian child sponsorship unique?

When you sponsor a child through Mid India Child, you are ensuring that they receive a Christian education. Our sponsorship programs emphasize Christ’s teachings, in addition to providing the other essentials our children need. 

Is my sponsorship tax-deductible?

Yes, your sponsorship counts as a donation to a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and so is entirely tax-deductible. 

Can I communicate with my sponsored child?

Absolutely! Twice a year, we run letter-writing campaigns in which we encourage our sponsors to write their children. We also encourage sponsors to join one of our team’s regular trips to India, to meet their child in person. It is a life-changing experience! 

How do I start sponsoring a child? 

That’s easy! Click here to learn more about Mid India Child’s child sponsorship programs and, after you’ve decided on a program to support, click the Sponsor a Child button to see the children who need your sponsorship.