Celebrating New Baptisms

Because of your support of the church planting efforts in India, we are thrilled to share that 12 more people have been baptized! We have been so encouraged by the amount of people giving their lives to the Lord, even in the midst of crisis.

Thank you for making this possible through your generosity and prayers! Though this season has been hard, we have seen God’s faithfulness all around us. And for that, we praise Him and continue to wholeheartedly pursue the mission of sharing the gospel to the unreached.

**As always, we ask you to be extremely careful of the photos and news we share with you of baptisms. Because conversion is illegal in India, photos like these are enough to get Mid India shut down. DO NOT POST THEM ANYWHERE ONLINE.** 

Did you know that more than 1 billion men, women, and children have not heard the gospel? They don’t know about Jesus Christ. They don’t have access to a Bible. And they are outside of the reach of a local church, pastor, or missionary.

By planting new churches, we can reach the unreached, share the gospel, and lead more people to commit their life to Jesus Christ.

If you are interested in giving towards our church planting efforts, please click the button below. We cannot thank you enough for your support!