Celebrating New Baptisms

Because of your support of the church planting efforts in India, we are excited and humbled to share that 13 more people have been baptized! Thank you for making this possible through your generosity and prayers. Let’s praise God together for His beautiful plan and His faithfulness to accomplish it!

**As always, we ask you to be extremely careful of the photos and news we share with you of baptisms. Because conversion is illegal in India, photos like these are enough to get Mid India shut down. DO NOT POST THEM ANYWHERE ONLINE.** 

We want to share an incredible story with you. Rakhi, (pictured top left) came to the Mercy Home for girls two years ago when she was 12. Her father passed away in 2018, and her mother, who is not educated, could not afford to raise Rakhi, so she sent her to the Mercy Home.

Rakhi’s family, grandparents, aunts, and uncles, would not help them as her mother had accepted Christ, so they were rejected by their family. But through the Mercy Home and Rakhi’s mother, they have been able to share the gospel to their family, and Rakhi and her grandmother (pictured top right) got baptized together! God is SO good!

Rakhi still does not have a sponsor. You can read her story or sponsor her by clicking the button below.