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The Gospel Spreads, Despite Opposition

God is using ministers like Pastor V. to reach the unreached. The mission of MICM is to “Proclaim Jesus Christ Throughout India and Beyond”, which is why evangelism is at the core of everything we do. Unfortunately, though, evangelism in Central India is extremely difficult. With deep rooted traditions in the Hindu religion, anti-conversion laws have […]

To Understand Culture

How can I as a photographer and writer tell the story of a people unless I try to understand their culture? But it can be a difficult process. One minute I think I am beginning to understand –– little light bulbs are going on in my head –– and then confusion sets in and I […]

Rajesh: A Story of Hope

Rajesh’s story is one of hope and redemption. While he was born into a strong Hindu family,Rajesh found it difficult to find peace within himself and felt disconnected from God. However, his heartache didn’t stop there. Through a series of unforeseen deaths, Rajesh was left without his wife and his son. “I was going through […]

Meeting a Need

In 2001, with only 10 students, the dream of Dr. Vijai Lall Memorial College became a reality and opened its doors. Mrs. Sheela Lall, principal of the university, now runs a university with 596 students! Students at the Dr. Vijai Lall Memorial College have the opportunity to study math, physics, Hindi, commerce, English, computers, and […]

Mercy Home: Mansi

At only 9 years old, Mansi is one of the younger girls at the Mercy Home. Like most girls her age, she enjoys drawing, dancing and singing. While she is seen smiling and enjoying life, she was not always this way. Prior to arriving at the Mercy Home, Mansi’s life was completely different. Mansi grew […]

Hope, Dignity, & a Future

When most people think of the months leading up to going back to school, pencils, notebooks, and new clothes come to mind. Sadly, this isn’t the case for many in India. The thought of school brings heartache because most of them are too poor to afford the uniform and books that are required to attend. […]