This month, Mid India Christian Mission celebrated several milestones! From our first Youth Camp to our organization’s 50th anniversary, we’ve been praising God for His blessings and participation in our mission all month long.

Mid India 50th Anniversary Celebration 2019 (1)

The First-Ever Mid India Youth Camp

276 children attended the youth camp hosted at our main campus and put on by our friends at The Crossing. Including sponsors, teachers, and facilitators, 345 disciples gathered together to discuss teachings taken from Collossians, with a focus on doing the Lord’s will. The response to this youth camp was so great (including children from our Mercy Homes, college students, and children from surrounding villages) that we ended up having to cap the number of students we could take on – because we ran out of space!

The students were eager to learn about serving God at this pivotal time in their lives, play fun games, and get to know new friends. They also had the opportunity to dance, sing, and put on performances at the final night’s talent show.

The Seventh Anniversary of Mid India Child

While Mid India Christian Mission has always put children at the core of what we do (in fact, our Mercy Home in Jabalpur far predates the formalization of Mid India Child), our child sponsorship program “officially” launched seven years ago!

Seven years ago, a short-term missionary team visited the mission and, after seeing the potential to save and serve so many kids, were filled with a passion to launch Mid India Child. At that time, we started with 83 children and one Mercy Home. Today, we serve nearly 1,500 children, with our third Mercy Home under construction! We have also added a college scholarship program and planted Village Learning Centers in over 30 locations across central and northern India. Let’s praise God for all He has done!

Celebrating Our Directors’ 40 Years of Marriage

Keeping the anniversary train rolling, our Mission Directors, David and Sheela Lall celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary just last week. David is the son of Mid India’s founder, Dr. Vijai Lall. Since Vijai’s death, David and Sheela have faithfully led Mid India Christian Mission and become stalwart leaders in the local, national, and international community. Anyone who has met them knows the joy of being in their company – and we are happy to wish them many more fantastic years together!

Our 50th Anniversary Celebration in India

It is still a mysterious and wonderful paradox how God multiplies blessings on the servant and multiplies joy to the generous! We are so grateful to be celebrating Mid India’s 50th anniversary this year , and that achievement has been the cornerstone of all our 2019 efforts. You’ve likely seen us posting about it here, on our social media platforms, and in our email newsletter throughout the year. But in September, we pulled out all the stops and hosted a huge 50th anniversary celebration at our mission, where we came together to recognize the vision that Dr. Vijai Lall had for his community.

Each of the arms of our ministry performed, with dances from the Oasis of Love and Mercy Home, and a choir from our college. We hosted guests from across India and the United States, and listened to speakers who shared the impact of our ministry throughout the world.

All-in-all, we are overwhelmed with joy and gratitude at all the milestones Mid India has achieved and celebrated. With each smile on a child, with each graduate from high school and college, with every medical procedure, with every teaching and sermon, we praise the Most High for allowing us to participate in His redemption plan!