In 1969, Vijai Livingstone Lall and other Christian leaders established Mid India Christian Mission to spread Christ’s love and transform lives throughout India.

Now, 50 years later, Mid India is still committed to Vijai’s original mission, and we’re on track to have our most transformative year yet.

Looking Back on 50 Successful Years

As we look back on what Mid India has accomplished over the last five decades, we’re inspired by the people we’ve been fortunate enough to help, the donors, staff, and volunteers who have provided us with their support, and the success we’ve achieved. Since witnessing our very first baptism 50 years ago, we’ve:

  • Planted over 460 churches.
  • Trained over 480 new evangelists.
  • Served in over 150 villages, towns, and cities.

We’ve also expanded our mission, focusing not just on spreading Christ’s love through baptism and evangelism, but also on educating and empowering unreached people groups throughout India. We know we’ve made a real difference in Indian people’s lives, allowing those who may have been marginalized or forced down an unwanted path to forge a new way forward through Christ. And we’re so thankful the Lord has allowed us the opportunity to serve.

And Looking Forward to Even More

But we’re not content with our success. The Lord continues calling us to spread his word even now, when political changes have made it difficult to share the gospel throughout India. To do so, we’re redoubling our efforts and commitment this year – in hopes that 2019 will be Mid India’s most successful year yet.

To start, we’re planning to plant at least 20 new churches in India this year – as part of our 2020 Vision campaign. By the end of 2020, we expect to have planted 50 new churches throughout new, unreached areas. Planting 20 more of those 50 churches this year (on top of the 18 established in 2018) will set us up for success in 2020.

We’re also expanding the offerings we provide for women and children. We plan to serve 300 additional children through Mid India Child in 2019, and we’re opening new facilities (including the Health Aid Training Institute and a business college) that will allow young women to learn trades and support themselves no matter their caste.

God has provided us with so much good fortune over the last 50 years, but He is not the only one who has supported us. To all those who have offered us their prayers, their time, or their financial support – we want to say THANK YOU. You are the reason we’ve been able to accomplish so much in Christ’s name, and we look forward to what God has in store for all of us, together, in 2019 and beyond.