Safe Place For Special Children

In central India, Mid India Child is a bright light amid hardship for physically and mentally challenged children. Children with special needs are often looked down upon and seen as a curse in India. Mid India Child wants to change that, and show these children that they are a blessing and can contribute to society.

The Oasis of Love is a day school for students with physical and mental special needs that is open 6 days each week. Every day, children pour in and spend the day singing, dancing, exercising, and trade training. Students are taught different trades that allow them to work in society. This changes how society and family views them – instead of a curse, they become a blessing! The safe environment allows children to learn without being stigmatized, and as a result these children flourish. While many show up shy and intimidated, they quickly learn how adored they are by their teachers. The Oasis of Love lives up to its name – a safe place filled with Love!


Children at the Oasis of Love look forward to music time! They love being able to play instruments and dance with classmates!



This student has learned how to make jewelry out of paper beads. By learning this trade, his family now sees him as a blessing to the family and can contribute to society!



Jewelry made by students at the Oasis of Love

The Oasis of Love could not exist without generous sponsors. Your sponsorship of $50 per month provides your child with education, trade training, physical therapy and medical support. Your sponsorship could mean a life changing opportunity for a child. Once seen as a curse, they are now shown the love of Christ like never before. Thanks to our sponsors, these children are given hope, dignity, and a future! To sponsor a child at Oasis of Love, click here!