Kids Helping Kids

With Summer quickly approaching, has your church considered raising money for Mid India Child through your VBS program? Children love the opportunity to help other children around the world, and take pride in knowing they are being the hands and feet of Jesus! No matter how big or small the church, Mid India Child would love to come alongside your church in an effort to better the lives of children in India!

Where does your money go? Mid India Child will use funds raised through VBS to directly impact the children of India. The donation could be used to provide shoes for the Mercy Home girls, backpacks and school supplies for the Asha children, or uniforms for the Oasis of Love students. There is such a need in India that any amount fund raised would be a huge blessing to the children of Mid India Child!

The best part about fundraising through VBS? Kids helping kids! Children in the U.S. of all ages are able to work for a common goal of helping children in India. Many children are heartbroken when they hear of the living conditions and lack of school supplies our children in India have, and immediately want to step up to the plate to help. Fundraising through VBS is a great way to show children that every person, no matter how big or small, can make an eternal difference in God’s Kingdom! For more information on how your church can get involved, email


  VBS Volunteers (including Thomas and Shiny Corrao!) get slimed after VBS students raised money for Mid India Child!