Life On $1 A Day

The term ‘working mother’ is taken to a whole new level for women in India. In villages across the country, women work long, laborious hours. Picking rice is one of the many labor intensive jobs that women take part in, in addition to all of the other various responsibilities they are expected to take on in order to care for their families. While Americans have the luxury of access to clean drinking water almost instantly, women in India often walk miles for water that is safe for their families to drink. Women are also expected to gather wood and prepare meals over an open flame, hand wash clothes, and hang them on bushes to dry. For village women in India, the days are long and the pay is minimal. If you’re fortunate, you live off of $1 per day. With little access to education and very few basic rights, women hardly ever earn the opportunity to leave the village and are often forced to live a life of poverty.


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