Back To School

When August rolls around in America, stores start filling with aisles of school supplies and back to school shopping is at the top of to-do lists. Pencils, notebooks, and new shoes are just a few of the supplies that students need to be prepared for the start of a new school year. While most Americans don’t think twice about shopping, students in India face a different kind of reality when returning to school.


Many families in India live in unimaginable conditions, where hunger runs rampid and school is a costly privilege given only to the elite few. While children dream of living a better life they know the only way to do so is through receiving an education, and for many children in India the dream has to stop there. Thankfully, Mid India Child is stepping up and helping students make their dream a reality. Mid India Child’s 3 ministries: Oasis of Love, Mercy Home, and Asha Project all work to provide students with an education. Students in each of these ministries are given uniforms, books, and the supplies necessary to attend and be successful in school. Once stuck in poverty, these children are now on the path to achieving their dreams of a career that can change the trajectory of their lives. As we gear up for school in the United States, would you prayerfully consider sponsoring a child in India so that they too may receive an education?

For a small monthly fee, you could be a part of changing a child’s life forever. For more information and to sponsor a child, visit