The Dream of Education

In India, education is a privilege given only to the elite few. Unlike the United States, schools in India come with a price tag that is unimaginable to most. Uniforms, text books, and supplies must all be bought by the student’s family, even though they only make a few dollars for a long day’s work. With such low incomes and large households survival takes the top priority and education is left for those with a higher income.

This lack of opportunity for education is the heartbreaking reality for some, but Mid India Christian Mission is doing something to make education possible. Beginning this next month, Mid India Christian Mission is opening up the opportunity for a college education once girls at the Mercy Home complete high school. These girls, who would otherwise have no access to an education, are now able to go to college and earn a degree that will lead to a career. But we can’t do this without your help. Once the girls graduate high school, sponsors are given the option to continue in the sponsorship program and pay for their  child’s college education. For only $150 a month, a Mercy Home girl could receive an education that would drastically change her life for the better. Sponsors have the option to partner with an additional donor to make the cost of sending their child to college more affordable.


“I had the privilege to live at the Mercy Home for 10 years. I am so thankful to my sponsors who took care of me and visited me. I want to be a nurse because I want to help the suffering people know they will be able to live happily. I want to help people” – Ritu





“I lived at the Mercy Home and received my high school education. I loved the atmosphere and the training at the Mercy Home. It has shaped my life. I want to concentrate on my nursing education . I would like to be a nurse so that I may help sick people. I thank my sponsors for giving me the opportunity to make my dream a reality.”  – Nirmala



In Fresno, California, a local church is doing their part to assist in the development of the new College Sponsorship Program. Northside Christian Church held a Vacation Bible School, where children brought their tithe money throughout the week. At the end of the week, the children raised $3,000. This significant amount is enough to provide a solid foundation for the new program. As a reward, children were given the opportunity to slime their teachers in celebration.




Mid India Christian Mission, and churches like Northside, are giving children in India an opportunity they only dreamed of: a college education and career. If you would like to become a part of this program, whether through monthly sponsorship or one time donation, visit