A Mercy Home Update

In Summer 2014, Mid India Christian Mission launched the Matching Gifts Campaign with the hopes of raising enough money to build a larger facility for the girls of the Mercy Home. The Mercy Home, which currently houses 30 girls, is a safe haven for girls who have escaped dangerous living situations. It is here that girls are given the opportunity to go to school, build friendships, learn about Jesus, and are given hope for a bright future. However, the current Mercy Home is busting at the seams and in desperate need of an expansion. Girls are turned away on a daily basis because of a lack of space, but the Matching Gifts Campaign has helped change that. It is thanks to generous sponsors that enough money was raised to build a new Mercy Home that will house triple the amount of girls. Construction is now underway and will soon open its doors to help give young girls in India a brighter future.


While we have met our initial goal in the Matching Gifts Campaign, we are still accepting donations to help continue on with construction. To donate, visit www.midindia.com/donate. Thank you to each of our sponsors for helping make this dream a reality. It is thanks to you that over 100 girls in India will be given an opportunity for a new chance at life!


One Small Act of Kindness

Without a well, people in India are often unable to access clean drinking water. In America we are so accustomed to having instant access to safe water that we often forget there are others around the world without that same luxury. The lack of clean drinking water in India can lead to the unfortunate reality of illness and dehydration. People in India travel miles upon miles in hopes of finding water that is suitable to drink, cook, and bathe with, but many times the searches come up short. The truth is that without a well, the very existence of a village can cease.
This grim future was a reality for one village in India. That is, until a 5 year old in Southern California took action. In lieu of birthday presents, the child asked for something different-donations. He asked that family and friends forgo birthday presents, and instead bring donations toward building a well to his birthday party. Through the party-goers’ generous donations, the goal was met. In early 2015, the boy’s father traveled to India with a team to help build the well. It is because of this well that the long days of traveling for water are over. The quality of life for these people in India has significantly improved; brightening their future and giving them hope.
One child, 8,000 miles away, has given people fresh drinking water through one small spark of kindness. It is actions like this that provide sustainable resources for many who would live in poverty otherwise. For more information on how to get involved, visit midindia.com.