A New Chance

For the first years of his young life, Asish spent day after day begging outside a Hindu temple. His hope was that he could sell enough souvenir-type trinkets to eat and survive another day. Due to his disability Asish was seen as an “untouchable”, cursed and undeserving of life. Day after day, year after year, Asish begged for others to show even the slightest bit of generosity and give him hope.

It wasn’t until Asish came to the Oasis of Love that he learned of his value; he learned that there is hope for his future! Asish was given an opportunity to receive an education, complete with a school uniform, supplies, and a backpack. He has been a shining light at the Oasis of Love and is loved by all who meet him. In March of 2015, Asish was given an even greater opportunity: the chance to walk. With a walker, supplied by generous donors, Asish took his first steps outside of the Oasis of Love. It is hard to fathom the happiness that exuded from Asish in that moment; once unable to walk and begging, now mobile and full of hope.

Children like Asish come to the Oasis of Love every day. While each of them have their own heartbreaking story, they all have one thing in common: the Oasis of Love shows them a love they have never known. It is thanks to generous monthly sponsors that children like Asish are being given a life. For a small monthly gift, the Oasis of Love provides children with transportation to school, supplies, and skills to learn a trade in a safe, Christ-centered environment. The monthly gift also covers medical expenses and physical therapy, which has allowed children to stand or walk for the first time. If you would like to become a part of the Mid India family and sponsor a child, visit MidIndiaChild.org.