A Long Lost Brother

After Lisa, wife and mother of three, returned home from India in early 2014, she was overwhelmed by the impact that Mid India was having with children and their families. “I came home and my family was on board to do something more to support this ministry.  After looking for available children to sponsor, we found Talib!” When another trip to India was announced for the following July, Lisa’s husband Tim and oldest daughter Brooke were among the first to sign up. Once Tim and Brooke arrived in India, meeting Talib was one of the first things they wanted to do. “I felt anxious and overjoyed knowing I was going to meet and see my brother that I only saw in pictures”, said 16 year old Brooke.  Talib connected to Brooke and Tim immediately, and it felt as if they were meeting a long lost family member for the first time. “It was emotional and our hearts connected through the touch of our hugs and time we spent together. Meeting our child was the bond needed to allow that relationship to go from a pen pal to becoming part of our family.” Although the Barham family is 8,000 miles away, the bond they have made with Talib cannot be broken. “Now we have pictures of us together to hang on our walls, we have video of us together to watch when we miss him, and we left a piece of our hearts with him to hold on to while we’re apart “, said Lisa.

It is thanks to this family that Talib has been given the opportunities every child should receive: clothing, food, school, and most importantly, love. For only a small monthly fee, you too can join Mid India Child in bettering the lives of children in India. For more information about how to get involved, visit midindiachild.org.



A New Addition to A New Family

In July of 2014, newly engaged couple Joe and Ashley  traveled to India for the first time. They both have always had a passion for children, but it was over the course of this trip that God amplified this passion and gave them a gift they never expected: a child to sponsor. When Ashley first saw the children at Oasis of Love, her eyes were drawn to one particular little boy: Kanha. He didn’t look much older than six years old, but had a fiery personality to make up for his small size. Kanha stood up and greeted Ashley with a hug, and Ashley knew right away this little boy was someone special. “I knew from the moment I saw him that God was using this little one to work in my heart. I didn’t even know his name, but I wanted to know his story.” Joe knew right away that he wanted to sponsor Kanha, too. “From the moment I walked into the Oasis of Love, I knew instantly that I wanted to sponsor him.” What the couple didn’t expect however, is how excited Kanha would be to hear that he was going to be sponsored. Before leaving India and with the help of a translator, Joe and Ashley shared the news that Kanha would have a sponsor family to call his own. “When Kanha found out he was sponsored, he smiled and excitedly told all of his Oasis of Love friends that he was going to have food and clothes. To see that he was so excited about something as simple as food, something we take for granted, was eye opening.” They come from opposite sides of the world, but Joe and Ashley consider Kanha part of the family. “Knowing that we are able to provide Kanha with what he needs to survive means that we’re able to do our part in giving him hope, dignity, and a future.”

Families from all over the country sponsor children just like Kanha. Sponsoring a child goes beyond paying a monthly fee; sponsoring a child through Mid India Child means giving a child hope, dignity, and a future in Christ. For more information about how to get involved, visit midindiachild.org