The love Jesus wants

First generation Christian and widow, Abhaya, and her daughter Esha lived a life of simplicity. While they hardly had enough money to care for each other and were considered low caste, their love for the Lord and the least of His was always apparent. While working at the police station one afternoon, Esha met two children who had been dropped off. Orphaned, alone, and with no place to call home, Esha knew she had to do something to help. Despite the lack of male leadership and a limited income, Esha and her mother decided that they wanted to give these children a chance at a better life. They opened their home and their heart, and gave the children a family to call their own. While Abhaya and Esha may be considered poor materialistically, they are abundantly wealthy in their love for the Lord and His children.


Today, the children are thriving in their new home in the Asha village. Both children have been sponsored through Mid India Child’s Asha Project, a $25 monthly sponsorship that supplies children with healthcare and everything necessary to attend school. Asha, which is Hindi for hope, is indeed what these children have been given thanks to Abhaya, Esha, and Mid India Child. To learn more about getting involved with the Asha Project and sponsoring a child, visit

An Untouchable touched by God

Janu, the master tailor at Mid India’s women’s rehabilitation center, is a man with a heart on fire for Christ. Janu trains widows and destitute women in tailoring at the rehabilitation center, which gives him an opportunity to show the love of Christ to those who need it most. Since starting as a tailor for Mid India, he has been able to train 263 women. The skills he is teaching are not only changing the lives of women, but provide a shining example of Kingdom work.DSC04456

However, Janu’s life was not always Christ-centered. Raised in a Hindu family, Janu was a proud follower of the Hindu gods and goddesses. The traditional Hindu rituals were practiced regularly, however it was in these practices that Janu also found heartbreak. When Janu married, his wife followed the Hindu tradition of fasting and prayer for four months. At the end of this time, a priest is supposed to come bless their home. Several priests refused to come to their home because of their status in the caste system. Because they were low caste, priests deemed it unholy to step foot in their house. Unfortunately, they still gladly accepted their monetary donations. Over time, Janu’s spirit was crushed. He couldn’t understand how the gods he worshiped could possibly separate people into a caste system. After questioning the Hindu religion for some time, Janu stepped out in bravery and began looking for answers. “I wanted to find the true I started seeking the true God.”

Janu began meeting with a preacher who, unlike the Hindu elite, invited Janu into his home and shared the Good News. Although he didn’t know it at the time, this display of love was exactly what Janu has been searching for. It was mind boggling that in his religion, a priest is not willing to even touch him but in the Christian religion, love is displayed so freely.  “John 3:16 shook my inner core. I could not fathom such a loving God who was personally interested in each individual.” Janu and his entire family accepted Christ as their DSC04524Savior and began attending church. Thanks to Mid India, Janu was able to find work as a tailor and his children were enrolled in school. Janu’s three children went on to attend Bible College, and now have families deeply rooted in Christ.

Though once living in darkness, Janu and his family are extremely grateful for the love shown and opportunities given through Mid India. He has been shown the light of a God who loves and cares for all of His children, which has in turn given them hope and an eternal home.